Karen walker, a fragrance that's truly a fragrance

Fragrance is one of trivia things that human especially women appreciate. Fragrance can come from fruits or flowers. Many people love certain fragrances so much that they extract it into a perfume. Actress, singers, models and even fashion designers, they all launch their own perfume that has its unique and distinct fragrance. This Kiwi designer, Karen walker( https://www.ifchic.com/122_karen-walker ) also launches her own perfume just lately. In her opinion, perfume is more to self-expression media that presents the person who uses it. She advises women to choose their perfume wisely. According to her, a good perfume shouldn't be over powering for it's about the person wearing the fragrance not the fragrance itself. 

Karen Walker Jewellery herself loves the kind of perfume that's not sickeningly sweet or very sexy. As long as the perfume smells fresh and has layers of fragrance in it, she loves it. For her, a perfume has to define and present the person who uses it. Since she is an energetic and optimistic person, the perfume that she is looking for has to haver those elements, too. Her newest perfume that she just launched recently-the A, B, and C perfume-has the fresh and energetic fragrance that majority people, including young people, loves. Karen walker's philosophy about fragrance is that a fragrance has to be interesting and unique for people to remember.

Most of the fragrances that Karen walker loves are from flowers. In term of flowers, the tropical and white are her favorites and mostly are, frangipani, gardenia, citrus, tuberose, jasmines and Christmas lilies. Among those flowers, she adores frangipani the most. It's her idea to plant the frangipani outside her study but the thing is, frangipani is a tricky one to grow. Luckily, with her husband's help, the beautiful flowers are on the porch outside her study now, so in summer whenever she opens the window at night, she can smell the frangipani fragrance. That pleasant smell takes her back to her childhood memory about her holidays in the islands. 

Not all fragrances smell nice and pleasant although it is categorized as fragrance. There was a time when Karen Walker was walking through a store and decided to go into it. There was a new fragrance that came out last year in that store and she decided to take a spray on a spray card and sniffed it. She said that the new perfume smells like Paris with a touch of hamster cage (that full with hamster's pee). There was also another woman in the Emirate lounge whom she met said the same thing about the new perfume fragrance that smells like Paris with a touch of cat's pee.

Fragrance is a matter of preferences. Some might like this one fragrance but others don't like it. Whatever fragrance it is, it's important to choose it wisely just like choosing make up, bag or cars. Karen walker believes that a good fragrance will present and define the person who uses it like a media of self-expression, so it's all about the person and not the fragrance. Based on Karen's experience, it's good to remember that not all fragrances are smell pleasant and nice.